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Lead your team to take their dreams to the next level.

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A strong vision effectively impacts all areas of life. Apart from strategic and specific how-to's, consistent accountability, and a crystal clear vision, we cannot build anything long-term, much less lead from a place of balance and passion. 

The strongest teams are bolstered by dynamic leaders who have powerful visions and prioritize the same for their teams.

At SHINE, you gained the knowledge on how to dream up the life that you want to live, work, and thrive in, and you received the tools needed to build the blueprint for a solid foundation.

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“My experience at Mariko’s vision board session brought to life my personal goals.  Each picture and quote on my board has come to reality.  My board sits in my office to remind me of my priorities.”

Robin Black, Global Partner Leader, Microsoft

Now it’s time to step further into that role of leadership and guide your team members through the transformative Blueprinting Experience.

The Blueprinting Experience is the natural next step for you and your team, exclusively designed to help visualize and manifest your team’s individual and group goals and objectives. The Experience empowers participants to dream big, manifest their vision, and develop a strategic plan for forwarding momentum. Participants are led through an intentional process within the Experience to shape, solidify, discuss, and affirm their vision and identify the necessary actions to bring it to life.


Under the leadership of Mariko Bennett, one of the country's most sought-after Strategy Coaches and Speakers,

your team will gain a network of support comprised of leaders who have walked this path and manifested their own dreams and goals through the Blueprinting for Leaders experience. Through her personal experiences and passion for visualization and S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting, Mariko Bennett and her team inspire leaders to dream with purpose, pen a narrative that ignites an internal fire, and curate attainable strategies to achieve both personal and professional goals. 

Mariko will facilitate you in guiding your dynamic team into their own “Glow Up”  by envisioning the success that they can achieve in their professional and personal lives, igniting the power within!

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