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Blueprinting and Its Power to Manifest and Drive Self-Improvement

Allow the Blueprinting system to help you crystallize your dreams into reality. 


The Blueprint is positioned to transform the dreams and visions of executives, corporate teams, and purpose-driven individuals into reality. 

Today’s companies face a host of challenges that require more than just a sound business strategy. Mariko’s mission is therefore to help executives discover the greatness inside them, and unlock their inner voice and instinct to transform visions into reality.

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Blueprinting is a proven system that empowers you to manifest your dreams and drives self-improvement.

 If you have been wondering why you are not making the necessary strides to accomplish your goals, you need this system.  If you are part of the 92% of people that fail to reach goals, this system is absolutely for you!

From Vision to Fruition

What separates this system from others, is that it explicitly teaches you and/or your team exactly what you need to do to move from vision to fruition. The Blueprint incorporates a proven C-Power Method that has enabled thousands of individuals around the world to:

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your dreams into a clear vision.


a strategic approach that positions them for success.

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your vision and prepare for implementation dips.


your best life through progressive evaluation and strategic pivoting.

Make it a brunch event experience, a rejuvenating renewal, or a strategy to take your team to the next level!

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Make It An Experience!

The Blueprinting Experience, a respective, powerful activation within the Blueprinting System, facilitates the necessary strategic steps, measurable timelines, and intentional accountability to empower dynamic individuals and dreamers to manifest their vision into reality.


Each participant of the Blueprinting Experience will receive a comprehensive Blueprinting Kit, curated with the supplies necessary to create a vision board, which will serve as a physical representation of their vision for the upcoming year.  


During the Blueprint experience, participants will be guided through Mariko Bennett's proven 4 Cs system, which consists of building a detailed visual plan for their goals, breaking down those goals into achievable steps, setting clear timelines for action, and providing support and accountability to ensure success. 


By leveraging this comprehensive framework, anyone can unlock their full potential and begin achieving all of their dreams. Whether you are looking to improve your professional life or make lasting personal changes, the Blueprint has everything you need to make it happen. 


The Blueprint experience follows a specific system: 

  • Visioning - Participants create their own vision boards. 

  • Goal Setting - Participants Engage with S.M.A.R.T Goal setting. 

  • Action Planning - Participants prepare to put their goals into action. 

  • Accountability - Participants learn to hold themselves and their group members accountable. 

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You’ve Got the Blueprint

​Blueprinting - Road to Success is all of the comprehensive material and information that our program provides, taken to the next level. Experience the in-person accountability and support that you need to help you make lasting changes. Come together with other industry professionals for a weekend of networking, professional development, and self-improvement as each individual works to successfully strengthen their professional and interpersonal leadership skills.

The curation of experiences such as Blueprinting - Road to Success, are pivotal for creating a sense of community and collaboration as you work towards your goals with intention.  The first of its kind, Blueprinting - Road to Success Conference will ensure that each leader who attends is poised to accomplish their wildest dreams, and more: 

  • Creating Connections with top talent and influential leaders across industries. 

  • Build on their cyrstalized vision and create a custom roadmap to success within their personal and professional lives. 

  • Engage with the Blueprinting community and build a sense of accountability among group members and conference attendees. 

At the conclusion of the Blueprinting Conference, participants will find themselves holding a deeper sense of commitment to their own vision, as well as to the overall goals and objectives of their organization. Participants will leave newly committed to individual holistic growth, with a reinforced foundation of leadership and personal development, as well as a crystalized vision and roadmap for achieving their goals. ​

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Go The Extra Mile

Blueprinting creator and COCO B. Productions CEO, Mariko Bennett, alongside her team of experts, will work with you during this small group retreat to provide the accountability and support necessary to help you make lasting changes. In addition, you will have the opportunity to network and learn from your peers as you all work together to improve your leadership skills. Blueprinting - The Retreat is the comprehensive solution you need to help take your career to the next level.

Relax, rejuvenate, and spark new dreams for the future. 

This is your opportunity to use the Blueprinting experience to its ultimate advantage! Meet friends, colleagues, and peers across industries and experience the benefits of the Blueprinting visioning method among others who have also committed to and undergone the Blueprinting system. Collaboration, relaxation, and self-improvement come together at Blueprinting - The Retreat. 


Blueprinting, The System

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The Blueprint system was created by Mariko Bennett, leading personal development expert, and CEO of premier strategy consulting firm, COCO B. Productions. As a leading expert in personal development, Bennett boasts two decades as a corporate political affairs leader in Washington, D.C. for Fortune 500 companies and now as CEO and Founder of the Blueprint, is powering the globe’s leading brands including: Amazon, Walgreens, and Netflix. 

With the understanding that success is an iterative process, this research-based approach facilitates the process of casting vision, setting measurable goals, developing action items, creating a Blueprint and tracking progress in a way that is engaging and meaningful. I take clients from stagnant to unstoppable; teaching and demonstrating what it takes to start and finish strong.  I share my personal journey of triumph over all adversity, proving that impossibility is a mindset not a reality.  I want to help you do the same!  Consider this your exclusive invitation to move from dreamer to manifester.

Our Team Can Get You There


We Take Pride in your Vision

We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients' brands and needs intimately, working closely with you from start to finish, and bringing your vision to life step by step.

Small Business with a Personal Touch

It is easy to feel lost in the crowd. As a small business, we have the ability to take a personal approach to each project, getting to know our clients and their individual needs on a deeper level. We have the expertise that you come to expect from a large firm, coupled with the closely nurtured relationships of a passionate small business.

Exceeding Expectations & Making an Impact

Thanks to an incredibly skilled and innovative team, we have managed to make a nationally recognized impact. Our talent and connections run deep, allowing us to deliver innovative ideas and cutting-edge experiences that truly resonate with our clients - we know how to make things happen.

Lead your team to take their dreams to the next level with the Blueprinting Experience!

Improve Connection & Collaboration

Unifying Team Culture & Heightened Morale

Increase Retention Among Current Employees

We invite you to the Blueprinting Experience - a proven system that helps you manifest your vision and drive self-improvement.

Within the Experience, Mariko will lead you through an intentional process to shape, solidify, discuss, and affirm your vision to identify the necessary actions to bring your vision to life.

Have questions? Interested in a Proposal?

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