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The Blueprinting Experience at MakeHER Summit Workshop

We are very grateful for having partnered with some of the world's biggest brands to bring The Blueprinting Experience to their executives and thought leaders, and in doing so being able to contribute in a meaningful way to the cultural fabric of major employers and corporate citizens. Similarly, in designing our recent partnership with the National Museum for Women in the Arts, we were invited to look at influence and impact through a very different lens and step into a world where individual expression and finding the space and courage to share that expression are so vital... and require such incredible vulnerability. All of our programs are unique and designed to suit our partners and their people, and this experience with NMWA was a wonderful reflection of our commitment to thoughtful curation.

Over the course of our day together, in facilitating various exercises and conversations, we were deeply moved and humbled by the generosity of the women in the room with their stories, experiences, and dreams. It was a beautiful manifestation moment of my own and an indescribable gift. THANK YOU to NMWA and to all of those who joined us. I cannot wait to see you bring your Blueprints to fruition. Collaborating with @womeninthearts to put on this workshop has been an incredible journey. As we look out into this room filled with passionate individuals, we feel hopeful and inspired that the Blueprinting Experience is resonating.

Our goal is to help you tap into your inner strength, find your purpose, and chase your dreams with determination and confidence. Thank you for being here with us today, and let's leave here together, empowered to positively impact our lives and communities.

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